SawarS Tango Orquesta

Tango ensembles of this kind are hard to find; it is enough to say that SawarS Tango Orquesta is the only such group in Poland. The style of their music and the composition of the group refer to the so called “Orquesta Tipicas”, which once existed in Argentina. After many adventures and experiences shared with their previous ensembles such as Tangata Quintet or Machina del Tango, the artists decided to embark on a new journey and create SawarS Tango Orquesta.

SawarS Tango Orquesta’s repertoire includes mainly interwar period tango pieces by Wars, Szpilman Peterburski and other talented composers of this genre, such as Gardel, Rodriguez, Gade and Piazzolla.

The compilation of Polish and Argentinian compositions from the group’s repertoire follows the patterns of the original Argentinian tango style, but it also refers to and cultivates the rich tradition of Polish interwar period tango music. Tango pieces were popular not only among composers of light, easy music, but also classical music composers. It is believed that around 4000 Polish tangos were created in that era.

One of the most renowned tango poets Enrique Santos Discépolo famously said that “Tango is a sad thought to be danced”, which is why another important role in SawarS Tango Orquesta is played by dancers – brilliant Polish masters of tango.




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