Trash Orchestra

Could it be that glass and plastic bottles, paper boxes, plastic bags, PVC pipes, rubble, stones and everything else you can find in a dump (not to mention plastic dustbins, tin buckets and dustbin lorries) can inspire people to create art and music?

Turns out they can.

TRASH ORCHESTRA is a multimedia musical performance in which nature confronts civilisation.

The concert consists of seven improvised parts – concepts, each one of them based on different emotions.

1/ Air / Nature
2/ Wood / Paper
3/ Water
4/ Glass
5/ Earth/ Stones
6/ Plastic
7/ Metal


Anna Wandtke - violin, improvisations

Grzech Piotrowski - saxophone, loopers, plastic bottles

Miłosz Pękala - stones, foil, aluminium, small instruments

Buba Badije Kuyateh – tree bark, singing

Krzysztof Łochowicz - wires, electric guitar

Andrzej Załęski - dustbins, percussion instruments

Hubert Pyrgies - beatbox, rubbish

Sebastian Wypych - dustbin lorries, double bass, loopers, artistic supervision




606 238 909