Humana Ars Musica

Humana Ars Musica is an association, the aim of which is to promote art in an unconventional way, while maintaining the highest level possible. The Association, founded by Anna Wandtke and Sebastian Wypych, initiates and co-organises inspiring, innovative concerts (classical, jazz and world music), connecting various branches of art (music, painting, sculpture, film and theatre). The performers of Humana Art Musica are the most talented Artists from Poland and abroad.

Another important aspect of the association’s activity is education. With the same objectives as when organising their concerts, Humana Ars Musica is always in search of the best, the most interesting and unusual methods of artistic education. An example of such activity is ART&BUSINESS CONCEPT 2018 – an innovative masterclass course created for music artists, the first edition of which will take place in 2018.


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